Residential and Commercial


Surface protection system

Anti-Graffiti Series is a surface protection system that protects glass from vandalism and other damage. Other features and benefits include:

4 and 6-mil Clear constructions
A clear, virtually undetectable appearance
A unique adhesive, formulated for clean, easy removal
Protection from vandalism and damage, eliminating the need for expensive glass replacement
An exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty


Silver™ Series

A highly reflective line that provides both quality and value. These products are a leading choice for Commercial and Government applications where cost is a large consideration.

Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
A “silver” or “mirrored” appearance
An exclusive, vapor-coated Aluminum construction
Highly reflective on both the interior and the exterior
Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty


Safety & Security

The Symphony Series of Safety & Security Window Films is a dual-reflective product that offers both security and solar performance. It is an excellent choice for Residential, Commercial, and Government projects.

The best solar performance in its class, including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
A proprietary and patented construction creates a crisp, neutral appearance
Immediate clarity due to a minimum dry-time requirement
Low interior reflectivity, therefore, the view of the outside is unaltered
Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty


Spectrally selective window film

Ultra-Vision, a high-end, spectrally selective window film, is the premier product in TintTastic’s Safety & Security window film line. It offers protection from natural disasters, theft, terrorism, industrial accidents, and fire, as well as the sun.

Advanced solar performance, including heat, infrared, and UV rejection
An elegant, barely visible appearance
Non-corrosive raw materials that eliminate the need for edge sealing
Low interior and exterior reflectivity, therefore, the view of the outside is not altered
Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty


Clear window films

We have a complete line of clear window films available in the industry today.

One, two, and three-ply constructions available that range from 2 to 21-mils thick
A crystal clear appearance
Effective at blocking over 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, helping to keep upholstery, carpet, and window treatments looking like new
Exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty